About WMAJ

Since 2006, Write Me A Jingle (WMAJ) has been creating unforgettable music for some of the biggest brands in the world and small businesses across the country. In more recent years, we’ve expanded into a full blown Animation and Video Production Studio that creates incredible visual campaigns to compliment our top notch audio.

Write Me A Jingle Studios in Miami Beach, Florida

Based in South Florida, WMAJ Studios is armed with a diverse blend of talented writers, producers, musicians, illustrators, animators, videographers and engineers. This comprehensive team enables us to consistently produce professional quality campaigns in any style. Our crew also understands the importance of capturing and conveying your brand through music. Read more about our team.

We work with international brands but we are passionate about helping local “Mom & Pop” businesses thrive. We create campaigns that can’t be ignored by consumers and seamlessly translate your brand into catchy songs and captivating commercials. Check out some of our sample ad jingles.

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