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Robby Campbell - Write Me A Jingle

Robby Campbell
Creative Director

Robby is a Miami-born songwriter, illustrator and animator. He graduated Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he studied jingle writing and production with some of the most prominent composers, producers and educators in the music industry. At Berklee Robby found his true love, jingling. He studied with the most epic jingle writer on earth, Jon D. Aldrich.  Robby founded Write Me a Jingle in 2006 with Josh Snyder. Since, he has written and produced advertising music for small and large businesses across the world. 

Joshua Snyder - Write Me A Jingle
Josh Snyder
Creative Director & Accounts


Josh is a internationally acclaimed musician and songwriter. For 12 years as the lead singer/front-man for the rock band Atomic Tangerine, Josh toured the country performing, writing and recording music. He has also written songs for national & international recording artists, as well as songs that have appeared in TV shows, movies and on the MTV Music Awards.

Danielle Snyder - Write Me A Jingle

Danielle Hayes
Office Manager and Customer Service Representative

Danielle is a motivated, customer service driven professional with a degree in Hospitality from Valencia College and degrees in Education, Behavioral and Social Sciences and Health Sciences from the University of Central Florida. She has helped companies of all sizes to grow and thrive – using her interpersonal and organizational skills to motivate production teams, make tough deadlines and serve clients with a big smile. Her background in hospitality makes her the perfect person to further WMAJ’s top-notch customer service.

Caleb Leigh
Sales Director & Accounts

Originally from the Midwest, Caleb set out for the bright lights of NYC only days after graduating from Missouri State University. Having spent the better part of his twenties cutting his teeth on Wall Street in financial sales and 5th Avenue in technology sales, he’s a serious salesperson with a heart of gold… or silver, depending on which is showing a better yield for the quarter.  Coming from a musical family and playing guitar and writing music since his teens, combining his passion for sales and music was a no brainer.

Ben Zipken
Director of Business & Legal Department

Ben is a licensed attorney in the State of Florida who spends his days (and nights) protecting, managing, and mobilizing the greatest team on earth (a.k.a. WMAJ). He graduated with honors from the University of Miami School of Law and the University of Florida. While attending law school, Ben gained a wealth of legal experience while working for companies such as MTV Latin America, FedEx Latin America, and Viacom International. Following law school, Ben practiced both transactional and litigation law as a Fellowship Attorney at the Florida Department of Health and as an Associate Attorney at the law firm Greenspoon Marder, P.A.

Marjorie Gomez - Write Me A Jingle

Marjorie Gomez
Senior Writer / Producer

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Marjorie started her music career at a very young age. She played percussion in several different orchestras and theatrical productions – while also studying piano performance with a variety of professors in different countries like Chile, United States and the Dominican Republic. She went on to study piano, drums, arranging and production at the University of Miami, along with Electronic Media. She has worked for companies like MTV, MADE, Red-Bull Records, Acoustic Soul Records and Superior Academy of Music. Marjorie’s musical ability is as diverse as Miami itself. 

Brett Campbell - Write Me A Jingle

Brett Campbell
Writer / Producer

Fact, Brett has broken thousands of drumsticks in his life. In addition to performing with several ensembles over the last two decades, he has been honing his skills as a writer, producer and arranger. His infectious melodies and driving rhythms have been helping our clients drum up business since the very first Write Me a Jingle jingle. After graduating from The University of Florida in 2010 Brett moved back to Miami to join as a full time member of the WMAJ team.  Fact #2, Brett’s djembe playing has often had slight influence on the shift of tectonic plates.  

Geoff Campbell - Write Me A Jingle

Geoff Campbell
Writer / Director / Creative Specialist

Geoff grew up in Miami Florida. During his teen years he spent much of his free time writing scripts and shooting short films with his brother . He attended the University of Florida where he studied marketing and advertising. He and his brother Robby also studied film and editing while at the University. He Graduated with honors from Florida’s School of Liberal Arts. After graduating he moved back home to Miami where he joined the staff at Write Me a Jingle. At Write Me a Jingle, Geoff has taken part in writing scripts, creating story boards, outlaying marketing strategies, and sales. 

Based in South Florida, Write Me a Jingle is armed with a diverse blend of talented writers, producers, musicians and engineers. This comprehensive team enables us to consistently produce professional quality music in any style. Our crew also understands the importance of capturing & conveying your brand through music.

Jessica Juste
Studio Musician/Voice

Jessica Stephanie
Studio Musician/Voice

Jessie Cohen 
Studio Musician / Voice Talent

Alex Cutler
Studio Musician / Drums / Percussion

Jordan Melnick
Senior Copy Writer / Studio Musician Guitars / Piano

Branson Lundemo
Studio Musician / Staff Writer Guitar / Keys

Arielle Angel
Sales / Staff Writer / Studio Musician Vocals

Rachel Angel
Studio Musician / Sales Vocals / Guitar