Apple is company that has revolutionized many industries in the last couple decades— the music industry being one of them. In recent years, we’ve come to expect big things from their TV commercials. It all started with their legendary launch of the iPod, which undoubtedly helped make many of these songs instant successes. These are classic ads that anyone in marketing can appreciate.

It certainly seems like Apple is trying to bring back some of that winning spirit in their latest commercial for the iPhone 5S. The ad was originally aired during the national broadcast of The Voice— definitely not by coincidence. The commercial features a tweaked version of the 80’s hit “Gigantic” by the Pixies.

It’s a clever pairing which allows Apple to highlight various features of the iPhone that allow users to conduct professional quality musical performances and recordings. Although we have seen how certain assistant apps can be hit and miss, these new 5S features seem legit.

Features on Display for Music Fans

The first half of the ad is all about the music, showing a gentlemen setting up his electric guitar with the iPhone as an amp on a subway platform. That’s when we get the famous intro bass line of “Gigantic” played with an upright bass followed by vocals from an energetic lead singer.

Check out the commercial here:

We get to witness plenty of what this smartphone can do for artists and other creatively driven people in this advert. I personally think that the synthesizer feature looks like a lot of fun.

(Quick Note: Given the suggestive theme of some of the lyrics of this hit single, Apple played it safe and only aired the chorus during their ad.)

Towards the end of the ad, we get to see more of the range provided by the newly improved 5S. It looks like users can use it as a:

  • Image translator
  • Traditional video recorder
  • Heartrate monitor
  • Even a personalized rocket launcher

Apple seems to be telling us that there are a “gigantic” number of possibilities available to iPhone 5S users…

Did You Like the Closing Message?

Apple’s latest ad finishes up in an interesting way as well, with this closing line displayed across the screen, “You’re more powerful than you think.” It actually seems quite reminiscent of the closing line in Dove’s popular Real Beauty Sketches ad (“You are more beautiful than you think.”). This seems to fall in line with a central theme of several Apple’s recent adverts– that of personal empowerment.

Did you see their iPad Air commercial:

Although it isn’t a jingle, I can appreciate the direction that Apple took for this latest ad. Personally, I think this is the type of commercial that can grab people’s attention and hold it, even after the closing message has faded from the screen.