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Audio Production Services

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Audio Branding to help tell your company’s story.

“An advertising campaign without emphasis on good creative is like an Atom without a Nucleus.” – Josh Snyder (Write Me a Jingle, CEO)

Many times companies spend large budgets on media buying (radio, TV, web) and then skimp budget on their ad creative – leaving you with plug-n-play commercials that get lost in the vast ad universe. The clutter of cookie cutter campaigns is nothing new, however, this is how agencies, networks and media companies increase their profit margins at your expense. A short sighted attempt to garner more income for their organization but a death wish for your company in the long-run. Write Me a Jingle is here to change that by providing quality driven CUSTOM creative to boost ROI, brand recognition, market share and to tell your unique story. We go the distance with our clients and help you to cultivate your brand with the myriad of ad creative solutions that are out there. Here are a few audio solutions to consider… 

Jingles: click here to listen
A jingle is catchy advertising music that, when done right, literally gets people singing your company’s praises (think “the best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup,” “I am stuck on Band-aid brand” and Subway’s recent $5-foot-long ditty). A song that can make consumers instantly understand and identify with your brand, the jingle is a powerful and engaging way to get your ads to stand out. There’s no better partner in the World to help tell that story than through an addictive jingle written by the Write Me a Jingle team.

Talk Spots: click here to listen
We have the voice over talent and copy writing abilities to create and record the spoken portion of your company’s audio advertisement. Our Creative Team are experts at capturing brand messages and engaging audiences. Whether funny, serious, subtle or ridiculous, let us make you sound like Pros. Don’t settle for the same old plug & play Talk Spots from your local radio station – let our team create something memorable that makes you stand out among your competitors. After all, a great ad with a great ROI is…well…the “bottom line”!

Instrumentals (Music Beds): click here to listen
Known in the jingle world as “beds,” instrumentals can be the perfect way to set the tone for any commercial, advertisement, promotion, etc. We have lots of instrumental arrangements to choose from in all genres and can also create you something totally original that fits your company’s vision. We can also custom create an instrumental for a specific brand, campaign, video, audio commercial, phone system or whatever medium your working with to help set the right tone.  

Animated Jingles (Songimations): click here to listen
A jingle is catchy advertising music, but when paired with an engaging animated video it can grow your brand like wildfire (think McDonald’s ‘I’m Lovin It’, hearing that song and seeing those golden arches makes your mouth water for some hot Golden Fries!!). The pairing of great visual and sticky audio is one of the most powerful ways to target and engage your audience. Aside from TV, it’s also a phenomenal way of utilizing your jingle on networks like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. Let us help you stand out and tell your brand’s unique story in an addictive and captivating way.

Songs for Branding:
As an alternative to jingles, you can use songs in your advertising which may or may not relate specifically to your product or brand (as Honda & SilverStar did memorably with The Who’s “I Can See For Miles” and the Amazon Kindle commercials with Little & Ashley’s ‘Stole My Heart’ and of course McDonald’s ‘I’m Lovin It’ campaign). Write Me a Jingle can also write you a killer song that is sure to help your business climb the charts. These songs can help create a feeling around a brand in order to tug at listeners heart strings or attract a certain customer demographic.

Music for iPhone & iPad Applications developers:
Developers, want to add a creative and professional touch to your app? Write Me A Jingle offers unique audio branding, including custom music, sound effects, audio logos and video-game scores, for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad applications.

Music for iBook authors & publishers:
With its iPad and iBook, Apple has created exciting new possibilities in publishing, including easy integration of audio and video in books, magazines and other formats. Write Me A Jingle aims to be at the vanguard of the iPad age with custom music (theme music, sound effects, background music) for digital publishing.

Custom Theme Songs & Scoring for TV, Film and Web Productions:
Write Me A Jingle can create original theme songs for TV shows and provide custom scoring for all categories of TV, film and online programming (available for license or buy-out). You can preview a selection of our music for license. We can also create a 100% CUSTOM musical piece, score and sound design you or your networks upcoming project. 

Take a Listen to instrumentals (music beds) across many Genres…

Use these instrumental versions as background to your Radio, TV and Web advertisement. Use them to compliment the spoken portion of your commercial. Or let Write Me A JiNGLE create your jingle over one of these instrumental tracks. The main advantages of utilizing pre-made instrumental tracks is in doing so, you are saving time and money!

All Instrumentals are separated into genres:

Take a listen to some Voice Talent Reels & find the voice that fits your next project…

Below are some Voice Over examples from a few of our clients. Keep in mind that we only have a limited number of samples up here – so don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear the voice or style that best fits your brand. We have access to limitless professional voices who’s capabilities span all formats.