Those that live down in South Florida probably remember a particular set of advertising tunes residents living a little further north have never before heard. These awesome jingles have driven people to buy lotto tickets, visit enchanted forests and watch jai-alai. What follows are some memorable Miami/Florida jingles.

Miami Dolphins “Can’t Touch Us” Rap

For me – as a lifelong Dolphins fan – this rap song takes the whole bakery! No Miami jingles list would be complete without the Phins’ rendition of “Can’t Touch This”…

Palm Beach’s Jai-alai

I can never seem to pronounce “jai-alai” correctly, but I do love this jingle! Although the sport never really became that popular– the greyhounds in aviators are pretty cool…

Florida Tourism Commercial

Here’s a classic tourism commercial that was designed to draw the snowbirds during the 70’s. It certainly makes me happy to be a Florida resident during this time of the year. The jingle itself is fantastic!

National Airlines “Miami Go Go” Commercial

Another classic advertisement from the 70’s that plays off the summer fun and lifestyle to be enjoyed in Florida (more specifically SoFla). As they say, “It’s Miami at a go go price!”

Florida Lotto “Gas For Life” Promotion

With gas prices averaging over $3.50 per gallon, gas for life is something that I think we could all enjoy! The Florida Lotto ran this clever promotion a couple years ago. I’ll guess that they saw a surge in ticket sales shortly after running this ad.

hhgregg South Florida Location Commercial

hhgregg’s jingle has become quite well known wherever you go. So, it’s no surprise that they made a splash with this series of ads during their debut in South Florida. hhgregg is here to help!

Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Santa’s Enchanted Forest is holiday themed wonderland for youths in South Florida. If you happened to grow up in SoFla, then you’ll probably remember this funky christmas jingle.

Maroone Commercial with Dan Marino

I did mention that I was a Dolphins fan right? The Maroone tune may have been ripped off from Ghostbusters, but it works!

After watching these jingles, you’d have to admit that they have some creative songwriters in South Florida. Even if you aren’t a Florida resident, I am sure some of these memorable tunes struck a note with you.