Any fans of having it their own way at Burger King are in for some disappointment, as the legendary burger chain has officially decided to drop the “Have It Your Way” slogan (the tagline they’ve been using for the last 40 years). Burger King will now be running the more personal slogan, “Be Your Way.”

The franchise has already started rolling out the new slogan, which they say is a spin on the old tagline, in TV and print ads across the country. Personally, we would love to see BK incorporate the new slogan into a jingle, since this is a great way to make that lasting impression on customers.

Here’s a look at one of Burger King’s latest ads featuring the new line:

In a recent statement, the burger chain says the new motto is meant to remind customers that “they can and should live how they want anytime. It’s ok to not be perfect … Self-expression is most important and it’s our differences that make us individuals instead of robots.”

You may find yourself wondering why a massive fast-food franchise like Burger King would advocate individuality, but they seem to be joining the ranks of other chains like Taco Bell who are trying to portray a more hip, non-corporate attitude in order to connect with their customers. The taco chain has been using their “Live Mas” slogan (Spanish for “live more”) for the last two years. Going for this approach may work for companies like Apple, but does it hold true for fast-food restaurants?

What Does BK Hope to Achieve with the New Slogan?

BK’s senior VP of global brand management, Fernando Machado, offered a little more insight into the company’s reason for changing their slogan in a recent interview. He said that the “Have It Your Way” slogan focused on the purchase and the ability to get your burger the way you want it. Their new slogan is about making an emotional connection with customers via acknowledging an existing behavior.

Machado added: “We’re trying to elevate ‘Have it Your Way’ to a state that’s much more emotional and centered around around self-expression.”

Living the Burger King LifestyleOnly time will tell if the new approach will pay off for Burger King’s overall image. Franchises like BK and McDonald’s are looking to evolve their brand image in order to keep up with a customer base that demands more from their fast food restaurant. This is a fine line to tread, as big companies often can come across as trying too hard to appear hip.

These chains should remain true to the place that their brand holds in real life. We really can’t think of many people who actually think of themselves as living the “Burger King” lifestyle.

Complete Re-Haul Under Burger King’s New Management

The company developed their new slogan with WPP’s DAVID, an agency that was launched by Latin American Ogilvy executives, as its global shop. Machado admits that the franchise hasn’t been using their old “Have It Your Way” slogan for some time in the U.S. BK also plans on scrapping the “Taste Is King” motto.

In addition to the slogan, the company’s new management has initiated a number of other marketing and menu alterations.

The switch is the latest in a series of marketing and menu changes under Burger King’s new management. Axel Schwan was appointed as BK’s global CMO late last year. He quickly brought in Fernando Machado, a former Unilever exec, to become senior VP of global brand marketing. Machado’s position is actually a new role created by the franchise to reestablish appeal for the brand on a worldwide level.