Jingle Hoops with Lebron and the Gang

Can you think of a smoother way to ring in holiday cheer than with six of the NBA’s best draining shots in rhythm to “Jingle Bells”? Yea, neither can we. Here’s the new holiday commercial from the NBA Store.

The commercial “Jingle Hoops” is designed to promote “ BIG Logo” sleeved jerseys and other holiday-themed NBA gear from Adidas and sold through the NBA Store. Although, it can be easy to get caught up in the synchronised shots from these superstars – with LeBron James coming in to slam home the final conclusion.

(Love the fact that they go as far as to say “please tell me the camera was rolling.”)

The Sequel to Last Year’s “Big Color”

The advertisement was created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners as a sequel to last year’s popular “Big Color” commercial. Jamie Gallo – executive VP of marketing for the NBA – wanted this new ad to eclipse the 8 million views they garnered last Christmas.

Goodby’s 2012 holiday ad featured another cast of all-star NBA players dribbling basketballs in a clever rendition of the classic Christmas tune, “Carol of the Bells.” You can watch “Big Color” here:

The cast for “Jingle Hoops” features a bevy of future hall of famers including:

  • The Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose (hopefully he recovers sooner rather than later…)
  • Houston Rockets’ James Harden
  • Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant
  • Los Angeles Lakers’ Steve Nash
  • Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry
  • Miami Heat’s LeBron James (go Heat!!)

The commercial opens with the guys draining shot after beautiful shot into hoops decorated with holiday bells. Viewers will hear that familiar tone of “Jingle Bells” ringing out as each ball makes its way through the hoop. Impressive doesn’t even begin to describe this level of talent…

As the tune comes to a close – Nash takes a step out of line and sends in alley-oop pass for Lebron to slam home in style.

The ad is meant to promote the new NBA short-sleeve jerseys – which seem to have garnered mixed reviews from enthusiasts. This doesn’t take away from how clever we think this ad is. Making jingles in the studio is great, but we always love to see music produced in original ways like this.

Watching this clever piece of advertising – did you find yourself wondering just how they got this synchronized so perfectly? These guys may be some of the best shooters on the planet, but it’s still hard to see them getting this done so perfectly. For the curious, we wanted to include this behind the scenes look at how “Jingle Hoops” was made: