WMAJ Review of the Jingle Maker Pro AppHere’s an app that allows users to create their own professional sounding jingles right on their own phone or other devices. There has yet to be a real review posted on this app, so we decided to take up the challenge (plus how could we resist playing around with an app that allows you to create jingles??).

App Description

The producers of this interesting app have referred to it’s ability to provide a voice in any situation. All usable content is Royalty Free, allowing users to create audio jingles in creative and fun ways. The creators did include thousands of words and combinations which means there are literally billions of possible combinations.

The app was designed to allow users to create seamless, professional jingles and completely customized ringtones. Users can then put their favorite jingles (created in minutes) in their own personal projects. That’s jingle writing made easy!

Key Features for Jingle Maker Pro

We wanted to look at the options that users are given with this app– there are plenty. Jingle Maker Pro allows you to:

  • Drag and drop words into the jingle
  • Request new words and phrases direct from the app
  • Include special effects
  • Share your jingle with friends via Facebook and Twitter

The audio you create with this app can be used for:

  • Ringtones
  • Public Radio
  • Television
  • Games
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Karaoke
  • Plus many more…

What Users Are Saying

So what have customers been saying about it since it’s launch two years ago? The reviews have not been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, it seems like there could some significant issues with the overall design behind the app.

Jingles - Jingle Creation - Jingle Writer

Some have found that the app doesn’t really deliver the experience they were looking for– complaining that the “stitched together” effect of the audio doesn’t produce a professional sounding jingle. Others have been disappointed with the restrictions that are in place using this app. For instance, users won’t be able to produce a jingle like Mcdonald’s famous “I’m lovin it!” jingle.

Others have found the app very much to their liking, and it seems this has come down to expectation. Honestly, could you be that upset if you aren’t able to produce super high quality jingles with an app that you bought for a dollar? It seems like the answer is yes..

Our Judgement: If you are looking for app that’ll allow you to create basic jingles, then this is worth checking out.

App Requirements and Pricing

If you are looking to download this application– here are the basic requirements:

  • Requires iOS 4.2 or later
  • You’ll need 86.5 MB available on your device
  • The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

The Jingle Maker Pro (version 1.1) is available in the App Store for $0.99 USD. The app is being sold around the world exclusively through the App Store under the Entertainment category. The audio used by Jingle Maker Pro has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Jingle Maker Pro may be facing some stiff competition this holiday season. Other apps like iJingle have been made available for the iPad, and it’s become increasingly popular. i-Jingle’s latest user initiated enhancements have received good initial reviews.