Jingle Writer

What is a jingle writer?

A jingle writer creates memorable, catchy music and lyrics for companies to use for advertising their goods or services on television, radio or the internet. Jingle writers help create brand awareness.

What are the qualities of a good jingle writer?

A good jingle writer creates original catchy music tailored specifically for their clients needs.

  • they are creative
  • a quick thinker
  • able to work under pressure
  • open to direction
  • a good musician and arranger
  • writes strong lyrics
  • understands advertising

How to write a Jingle

Writing a jingle is not unlike writing a pop song. It’s usually hook laden and stamps a concise lyrical message in the mind of the listener. The process however, is unique to each writer / composer. Some writers start with a piano or guitar part, while others begin with a strong lyrical concept. Whatever your process is, the goal of marrying sticky chorus’s with the company’s ‘meat and potato’ filled verses has been a staple to most jingles for decades.

What are the usual guidelines when writing jingles?

Ad agencies give writers certain parameters when creating a jingle. Some aspects to keep in mind are the following:

  • The style of music
  • The words that needs to appear in the lyrics
  • How long the jingle should be
  • The target audience
  • The right calls to action
  • The company message or messages

The writer should be able to showcase these aspects with a rough demo.

Potential Clients for Jingle Writers

  • Large or small companies and everyone in-between
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Television Stations
  • Radio Stations
  • Non-profits and Charity Organizations

Famous Jingle Writers

  • Barry Manilow
  • Russ Alben (Ogilvy and Mather)
  • James R. Kirk
  • John Aldrich

Looking to become a Jingle Writer?

Someone who has a eclectic mix of styles and is able to execute on them. Writers who have a comprehensive understanding of hard hitting pop music and know how to stick a strong lyric & melody. Must have a seasoned musical background and spent many sleepless nights within studio walls. It really helps to be able to write, produce, engineer, instrumentally perform and sing. So if needed, you could record and execute an entire song start to finish by yourself.

Looking to Hire a jingle writer?

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