A jingle writer is a person who possesses the ability to create music that is not only catchy, but also contains equally engaging lyrics that are designed with a brand or product in mind. The music that a jingle writer produces will be used for commercials that will be seen or heard on the radio, television, or internet. In some instances, he or she may also be tasked with capturing the vibe of a famous piece of music.

Most of the time, jingle writers will work with various advertising agencies, but the jingles they produce will be determined by the suggestions or guidelines of their clients. Advertising agencies need jingles that will convey messages or sell products, which means they should closely match the product being promoted while also being memorable. Most jingle writers will be competing against others to get their song picked by the agency for it’s ad.

Some Basic Guidelines When Writing a Jingle

As a jingle writer, you’ll be asked to work within given parameters when creating a new tune. In our last post, we shared some tips for new jingle writers, but these are a few other details you want to keep in mind:

  • The buzzwords your client may want in the lyrics
  • The style of music you’ll be working with
  • The desired length of the jingle

A good jingle writer should be able to display these features prominently in their demo.

Qualities of a Good Jingle Writer

If you want to become a sought after jingle writer, there are a number of attributes that you’ll want to work on and foster:

  • Creativity
  • Be open to criticism
  • Be a good team player
  • Learn to handle pressure
  • Think on your feet
  • Have a strong grasp on music, songwriting, and advertising
  • Own your own equipment
  • Maintain good relationships with clients, vocalists, and instrumentalists

What Can You Earn Writing Jingles?

The amount you can earn working as a jingle writer will vary greatly: some projects may net a few hundred, and others could be worth thousands. This will depend on the client you are working with and their available budget. Once you seal a contract, you’re usually paid an arranging and creative fee.

If the songwriter is also the musician for a jingle, then they will earn residual income for the time that the song is in use. One should remember that jingles tend to have quick expiration dates, so songs need that “earworm” quality while also enticing people to interact with the company or product.

Is this the Career for You?

As with many in the creative industry, writing jingles could be incredibly lucrative for some while disastrous for others. Having the talent, resourcefulness, or even the clients is not going to be enough to make a lasting impact in this industry. Jingle writers also need to learn how to be patient.

This is a demanding career, but one that can be incredibly rewarding and down-right fun as well. If creating music has always been a passion of yours, and you have an ear for what’s catchy, then this is a job you just might be perfect for!