Pandora “Now Playing You” Ads Offer a Frozen Moment in Time

If you asked Pandora, they feel that the description of “internet radio provider” doesn’t really do them justice. Pandora prefers to describe their service as a “magical discovery algorithm” or “whatever it is that conspires in the brain of your computer overlords to make sure the right song comes on at exactly the right time”. Whatever it is, Pandora wants to provide that piece of music that can elevate a lame everyday life moment into a memorable one.

Providing the right song for someone in that particular moment is sort of like finding the needle in a huge haystack— it’s not what you’d call “a walk in the park”. But finding the right song will produce incredible results. As one of the new ads from twofifteenmccann suggests, it can set the perfect mood for that first date. I’m sure that all of us can agree that our favorite music really does have a special effect on us.

Check out the Pandora ad here:

It may come off a little over the top, but that’s part of the charm for advertisements like this. I also really like how the use the frozen in time aspect in these ads. In just 30 seconds, a mini-story unfurls before our eyes as the camera pans around to reveal the entirety of the scene in all it’s wild glory.

The second ad from twofifteenmccann delivers their message even more convincingly. The scene depicts what appears to be a group of co-workers that have finally succumbed to an impromptu office dance party after putting in some serious over-time. The two to the right in this ad really capture that surreal moment where the music takes control!

Check out Pandora’s second ad:

Both ads feature songs from artists that are considered outside the mainstream:

  • The Falling meatballs spot featured “If I Could Only” by Popkillers
  • The late-night office shenanigans spot featured “Sha Bang Bang” by Dice Raw and Mike Taylor

We know that music tends to make ads that much better, but the concept here goes a little further. Pandora wants you to know that the personalized recommendations it makes could have a very positive influence on your everyday life. This is further captured by the ad’s tagline, “Now playing. You.”

The ads have received some mixed reviews with some calling them “a bit overwrought”. Others have argued that the dramatic frozen-moment-in-time treatment doesn’t play well with the captured moments they are conveying. We’re interested in hearing what you think about these ads, so please feel free to share your thoughts below.