Country music fans are no strangers to the Swon Brothers. Zach and Colton are rising stars on the country music circuit who have been performing together for years. Recently, the siblings agreed to take part in a challenge that pitted them on opposing sides in a great debate– the Twix candy bar rivalry.

Colton composed a creative jingle for Right-Side Twix bars and Zach wrote one for Left-Side Twix. Of course their fans were then left with the task of picking a side— a difficult decision made all the harder given the quality of both new jingles.

The Swon Brothers’ songs were featured in November for a crowd of fans at B.B. King’s in Nashville. The competition has fueled the sibling rivalry as the brothers vie for bragging rights to the Twix theme song.

Watch the Swon Brothers’ spirited debate about the Twix candy bar rivalry (you’ll be asked to pick your favorite side at the end – good luck!):

The brothers are definitely not taking this challenge lightly. As Zach puts it, it’s the ideal way to finally see which brother is king.

“Left Twix is always on the cutting edge of marketing so it wasn’t surprising that they selected me to write something special for them,” proclaimed Zach. “Right Twix is known as the more innovative cookie bar so it made sense that they would look to the real creative genius in the Swon family to write their song,” counters Colton.

“The Swon Brothers fully embraced the rivalry between Left TWIX and Right TWIX as they took to the stage singing in support of their side,” explained Roy Benin, CCO of Mars Chocolate North America. “Their competition was so believable that – just as the ‘uniquely’ different cookie bars only share a wrapper – the crowd thought that the only thing bringing the country duo together was a last name.”

Where Does this Rivalry Come From?

The Twix rivalry has been in play for more than a year now, and fans have been following eagerly as it plays out through their well-crafted advertisements. The back story is a simple one— two factories making identical candy bars with two opposing philosophies:

  • The Right Twix is “cascaded” in caramel and “cloaked” in chocolate.
  • The Left Twix has caramel “flowed” on and “bathed” in chocolate.

Consumers are simply asked to try both sides and pick their favorite– definitely easier than it sounds.

2013 was a hugely successful year for the Swon Brothers, but they’ll never forget their first performance in Nashville. They were only 11 and 8 years old at the time stopping for a break on the way down to Florida for a family vacation. If you ask them they’ll tell you that this was “perfectly normal”.

Rising Country Music Stars

The brothers came to nation-wide recognition by finishing in the top three on the popular reality show “The Voice”. Americans simply could not resist their harmonies and equally bright personalities. Since then, they have received the Rising Star award from the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame and have made some big appearances while on tour:

  • Rocking the halftime at the Detroit Lions vs. Arizona Cardinals game
  • Opening for the 2013 Warrior Open golf tournament in Dallas

The brothers are also starting to reap the benefits of the “star treatment”. They were given a private tour of the U.S. Capital by Rep. Markwayne Mullin from Oklahoma. It certainly sounds like he’s been enjoying their song-writing techniques.

The popularity of their Twix-themed songs suggests that the brothers could find success working as jingle writers (just in case this whole country music gig doesn’t work out for them…). The Swon Brothers are currently on tour, so there’s a chance they may be coming to a stage near you!