Top 10 Car Commercial Jingles

Did you know that the first commercial jingles ever made were for the radio? These catchy tunes made a splash in the 50’s, and we have been listening to them in our cars ever since. So it should come as no surprise that the car itself has been the focus for many talented jingle writers. Here’s ten of our favorite automotive jingles:

Toyota (1984)

“Oh What a Feeling!”

Toyota was able to grab the hearts of America with this rousing jingle and campaign slogan. It’s crazy to see how far automotive design and advertising has come in nearly three decades too.

Chevrolet (1992)

“Like a Rock”

With this jingle, Chevrolet clearly communicated how well their trucks stood the test of time. It also managed to capture the independence of the truck buyer and people really responded to it.


Chevrolet (1975)

“Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet”

Chevrolet knew that they could sell way more cars by becoming synonymous with the American spirit. What better way to do that then by pairing their name with three of America’s favorite things.

Pontiac (1969)

“Pontiac GTO”

Paul Revere & the Raiders created this catchy jingle to promote the Pontiac GTO. It was based on the band’s 1969 song ‘Time After Time’ from ‘Hard and Heavy (With Marshmallow).’

Toyota (2013)

“Hum, hum, hum…”

Here is another really great jingle from Toyota that was aired nationally this year. It’s a perfect example of when the visuals really blend well with the music.

Mazda (2000)

“Zoom Zoom Zoom”

Before re-working it into one of the more influential jingles of the new millennium, Zoom Zoom Zoom was title of a capoeira song featured in the movie Only the Strong. Mazda had the group, Spank, make a re-recording of the song for their new commercials featuring their slogan “Zoom-Zoom”.

Studebaker (1950)

“Studebaker, Studebaker”

This is one of the original TV car commercials. Everything about this video — from the whistling jingle to the comical reactions of the teacher and his students — exemplifies that classic Americana look and feel.

National Automotive Parts Association (2012)

“ NAPA Know How”

Here is a contemporary jingle that people either hate or love but it tends to get stuck in your head either way. The acting in the video is also pretty ridiculous and a must watch!

We hope you enjoyed our list of automotive jingles.  Be sure to keep your sandals on as we get in the holiday spirit with our next post featuring  our favorite holiday jingles!