Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out our Top 10 Jingles of the 1950’s and our last post featuring the Top 10 Jingle’s of the 1960’s. In our newest edition we move on to 1970’s, a decade that saw a continued growth in the socially progressive values that were initiated during the 60’s. The 70’s also were an amazing time for advertising jingles, so we’ve compiled our favorites for you here, enjoy!

Oscar Mayer (1973)

“My bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R”

During the 60’s, children across the country began wishing that they could be an Oscar Mayer wiener (as odd as that may sound). Then in 70’s, they actually learned how to spell Oscar Meyer with this memorable jingle.


Budweiser (1978)

“For all you do, this Bud’s for you”

This particular jingle was written for Budweiser by the legendary Steve Karmen, who is fondly remembered as the “King of the Jingle”. Originally, the lyrics for the song were “When You Say Budweiser, You’ve Said It All”, but by 1978, they had been changed to the version you’ll hear in this vintage Budweiser commercial.


Band-Aid (1975)

“I am stuck on band-aid, because my band-aid is stuck on me”

If you spent a lot of time on a bike as a kid, you are probably pretty familiar with band-aids. Well in the 70’s, the producers of band-aids, Johnson & Johnson, had this catchy jingle created to help sell their product. I think you’ll agree that this one definitely sticks….


Ace Hardware (1970s)

“Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man”

This jingle has certainly become iconic over the decades. By making use of the brand name and target market in the song, Ace Hardware effectively created a tune that could easily come to mind as people began mulling over what they needed for their new home renovations.


McDonald’s (1971)

“You deserve a break today”

During the 70’s Mcdonald’s produced two incredibly successful jingles that would have wide reaching influence. With the first of these, the fast food giant informed their customers that not only did they want McDonald’s, they deserved some.


Coca-Cola (1971)

“I’d like to teach the world to sing”

Throughout the 70’s, Coca-Cola was able to capitalize on the peace movement. With the civil unrest and conflict, many people were looking for better ways to connect, and Coca-Cola created a jingle that truly embodied this sentiment.


McDonald’s (1975)

“Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun”

I can still remember my mom singing this one to me and my siblings in the car back in the day! With this jingle, McDonald’s introduced the world to the now iconic Big Mac in a way that was creative and fun.


Dr. Pepper (1977)

“I’m a pepper, he’s a pepper, she’s a pepper”

When Dr. Pepper created the “Be a Pepper” series, suddenly fans of the soda became “Peppers”. Naturally, this formed the basis for a particularly catchy jingle starring David Naughton. Wouldn’t you like to be a pepper?


Sara Lee (1972)

Nobody does it like Sara Lee

This is another tv jingle that made use of some very clever lyrics. It was originally written at the turn of the decade, but it became the foundation of all of Sara Lee’s ads throughout the 70’s and beyond.


Ralston’s Meow Mix (1976)

“Meow, meow, meow, meow”

Here is a another classic jingle which I still remember being aired during my childhood. Even if you don’t like cats, there is no way this tune won’t get stuck in your head!


After seeing these creative television jingles, would you ever be able to doubt their potential for creating brand recognition? Even if you weren’t alive during the 70’s, I bet you had heard of a few of these musical notes before. Oh and be sure to stay tuned for the best jingles of the 80’s!