Hello again, I hope that you all got a chance to take in some of the most memorable commercial jingles from the 1950’s! Now, we are moving forward to explore some of the greatest advertising sounds to come out of the 1960’s. Often remembered as a decade that saw the beginnings of a real cultural revolution, these catchy tv jingles have made our top ten list for the sixties.

1960s TV Jingles

Slinky (1960’s)

“Everyone knows it’s slinky”

During the 60’s, people fell in love with this classic children’s toy and its catchy jingle (I am sure you can remember seeing the Slinky make it’s way down the stairs). The Slinky song could be heard coming from the mouths of countless children and even being hummed by many parents.


Oscar Meyer (1965)

“Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener”

This jingle was created in the mid 60’s and suddenly a plethora of kids were wishing they could be a wiener. Despite the relative oddness of the tune’s lyrics it has certainly stood the test of time.


Coca-Cola (1963)

“Things go better with Coke”

Throughout the majority of the 1960’s, this jingle was the main advertising line for Coca-Cola. Eventually it was replaced with what some say is an even more memorable jingle during the 70’s, but this remains one of the most beloved commercial jingles.


General Mills Green Giant (early 1960s)

“In the valley of the jolly–ho-ho-ho!–Green Giant”

I’m sure that the deep baritone voice of this classic jingle will take you back. The signature sound created to represent General Mills canned and frozen vegetables has become so influential over the years that it was assigned a trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.


Rice-a-Roni (1961)

“Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat”

With a scenic view of San Francisco and its famous rail cars featured in the commercial, Rice-a-Roni quickly became known to America as the San Francisco treat. Over the years, the company has expanded its image, but their original jingle will not be forgotten, especially on the West Coast!


Maxwell House (1961)

“The coffee that tastes as good as it smells”

Maxwell House coffee pot percolator theme (1961) – Maxwell House: Coffee has been an important part of American life for a long time now. Maxwell’s creative jingle was designed to imitate the bubbling sounds of coffee being brewed, what could be better?


Alka Seltzer (early 60’s)

“Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz”

Beginning in the early 60’s, Alka Seltzer introduced America to a jingle that would be stuck in our heads for the next few decades. Don’t kid yourself, because you know exactly how it goes….


Armour Hot Dogs (1967)

“Hot dogs, Armour hot dogs”

Do you remember a time when the chicken pox was considered a mildly uncomfortable rite of passage? If so, then you probably remember this catchy jingle which made the USA fall in love with hot dogs all over again!


Cracker Jack (early 60’s)

“It’s gotta be good and it’s gotta be sweet”

Many people think of the old take me out to the ball game song when they think of this classic snack. However, this catchy jingle quickly became the sound of Cracker Jack in the 60’s.


Dr. Pepper (1960’s)

“It’s the Dr. Pepper difference”

When Dr. Pepper first introduced this snazzy jingle in the 60’s, they really did make a difference, and not one that Coca-Cola or Pepsi was happy to see. You gotta love this commercial, it is classic 60’s through and through.


The 1960’s certainly was an interesting decade, and it was a critical time for the history of jingles. In fact, I am pretty sure some of these songs became more memorable than the products they were designed to help sell. I hope you enjoyed this list and please stay tuned for our next post featuring the top 10 jingles of the 1970’s!