That jingle has been a special part of most sports fans’ experience here in the US for years– part of the iconic SportsCenter (SC) jingle that many of us know and love. Recently, ESPN launched the International Fam Jam contest where the winner would get a chance to write their own SC theme song.

Check out his performance on SportsCenter:

Seven talented musicians were chosen to take part in this popular jingle contest, and one of them was singer-songwriter Trace Bundy. This native of Austin, Minnesota may have just put this small Midwestern town on the map. Bundy was given a chance to play his own version of the SportsCenter jingle live on the show last month. His song was selected as the crowd favorite in this creative contest.

“It was really cool,” exclaimed Bundy in a phone interview as he was about to board his flight back to Boulder, Colorado. “I had a great time meeting all the staff. Everybody was really kind, but most of all it was a blast playing.”

This was quite the achievement for the young musician as he had to beat out a group of talented singer-songwriters to get the official nod from ESPN. Each one had debuted their own unique vision of what the iconic tune could evolve into. Bundy had stepped up to the plate wielding his trusty acoustic guitar— an instrument that allowed him to masterfully weave several aspects of his unique style into the performance.

Here’s Bundy’s submission for the Fan Jam Contest:

Trace got the good news from ESPN at the beginning of the month, and he’s been on cloud nine ever since! ESPN did ask that he would keep the news to himself until they could formally introduce Bundy on the show. He was able to discuss the competition with the SC officials during his time at the studio.

“I asked them how the competition ended up going,” said Bundy. “All talent was awesome but I just kept getting more votes. I have a really loyal fan base. I feel really honored.”

A Different Type of Live Performance

Over the course of the two-hour broadcast, the Austin native performed his newly minted jingle a total of eight times. Despite playing in front of an audience at the studio, he recalls it feeling a bit different than his more routine live performances.

“If you mess up a little in a concert, it’s not a real big deal,” confessed Bundy. “You mess up in front of a million people on TV, it’s definitely a little more nerve-wracking. I’m not that familiar with this song. It’s not something I could play in my sleep.”

That being said, Bundy really had a blast throughout the entire experience. Getting a chance to test his metal as a contestant and performing his music live on ESPN SportsCenter are going to be memorable career milestones.

“It was quite an adventure,” he stated. “I spent a lot of time working on the song. Getting to be there was quite a rush.”