Top 10 TV Ad Jingles of the 2000s

For many people, the best advertising jingles were created during the swinging sixties or the feel-good seventies. But where is the love for the modern jingle? There have been some incredible tv jingles created since the turn of the millenium, and here are our top 10 favorites! Be warned, the following list contains songs that may get irreversibly stuck in your head.

Fanta (2002)

“Wanna Fanta, Don’t You Wanna?”

In 2002, the marketing team for Fanta was in need of a home run, and during a brainstorming session they came up with the idea for the Fantanas! This quartet of beautiful soda ladies sang an upbeat, catchy tune that has helped ensure Fanta’s place in advertising history.


Quiznos Sub (2003)

“We Love the Subs!”

Strange, quirky, or absolutely outrageous! You can take your pick when it comes to this Quiznos commercial. All I know is that it definitely works better than their new tagline “get it floasted!”


Mcdonald’s (2003)

“I’m lovin it!”

I was surprised to find that this jingle was a song by (little known jingle writer) Justin Timberlake, which means his jingles have made two of our top ten lists (check out our top ten jingles of the 90’s). This slogan is still run with most–if not all–Mcdonald’s commercials.


Subway (2008)

“Five. Five dollar. Five dollar footlong.”

Nationally launched in 2008, this advertising jingle was originally created by Miami Subway shop owner, Stuart Frankel. It surely played a big role in the $3.8 billion in revenues the company generated from this special deal. There goal had been to air a commercial that included the words “$5 footlong” as many times as possible; we think they succeeded with this one…


McDonald’s (2009)

“Give me back that Filet-O-Fish. Give me that fish.”

This might be my favorite jingle on this list! You gotta love the singing fish on the wall, which was inspired by the famous Big Mouth Billy Bass novelty item. In fact, this jingle has garnered a significant cult following, spawning a variety of remixes and even ringtones. (2007)

“F-R-E-E that spells free” has seen plenty of success through their ad campaigns! Since 2007, their commercials have featured unique jingles which make use of popular forms of contemporary music. However, my favorite has got to be the original!


J.G. Wentworth (2008)


I’ll admit that I was not a fan of J.G’s early commercial with the people yelling “it’s my money and I need it now” out of their windows. Then they decided to present their message in the form of song, and I think you’ll agree that it was the right move to make. (2010)

“We buy any car dot com!”

Originally aired in the UK, this another jingle that has garnered plenty of lovers and haters. Either way, you can’t argue with the energetic way it gets its message across to the viewer.


Mazda (2000)

“Zoom Zoom Zoom”

Originally, Zoom Zoom Zoom was title of a capoeira song that had been featured in the 1994 movie Only the Strong. In 2000, Mazda had the group, Spank, make a re-recording of the song for their new commercials featuring their slogan “Zoom-Zoom.”


Education Connection (2007)

“More education is what I’m looking at..”

The jingle that was created for this Education Commercial has got to top the list of songs that people will either love or hate with a passion. However, no matter what side of the fence you are on, it is hard to listen to this ad with getting the song stuck in your head.

Unfortunately, this takes us to the end of our nostalgic journey through some of the best advertising jingles of all time. Hopefully this has been an enlightening experience for you, and have a better idea of the tunes that have influenced countless marketing campaigns over the years. Stay tuned for our overview on some of the best jingle companies and writers in the biz!